Monday, August 3, 2009

Hospitals to give moms breastfeeding products instead of formula at discharge

It's been a point of contention in hospitals and birthing centers for years: Although medical professionals tout the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, hospitals have always given moms samples of formula when they are discharged from the hospital. Doesn't really make sense, does it? It seems while formula companies have pushed their products to hospitals, breastfeeding has fallen to the wayside.

But things are taking a big turn today. Two hundred hospitals across the country are throwing their formula samples out the door. And in their place, hospitals are giving moms the country's first "Healthy Baby Bag." It contains product samples, coupons, and information that supports and encourages breastfeeding only.

I'm very excited by the news. These hospitals have taken a stand for breastfeeding. Lansinoh is contributing some products and information to the Healthy Baby Bag. I'm hopeful that with more involvement from companies that support breastfeeding, the number of hospitals that offer these bags will grow.

We also issued a press release today to spread the news far and wide, which I'll post on the blog shortly. It has some more info about the bags and the story behind them for anyone interested in learning more. I'll also post some of the hospitals involved.

In the meantime, I'm sharing our latest podcast, which is an interview with the creator of the Healthy Baby Bag, Erik Maurer. He is the president and founder of Cottonwood Kids, a promotional products company that produces custom gifts for hospitals. We spoke to Erik to learn more about the bag and the initiative to help more hospitals encourage breastfeeding.

Listen to our podcast to learn:

* How Erik was inspired to develop the Healthy Baby Bounty Bag,

* What products mom will receive,

* How many hospitals will be distributing the bag,

* And what will become of the bags provided by formula companies.

And check back soon for more updates on the Healthy Baby Bag!


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