Friday, September 21, 2012

American Baby names Lansinoh HPA Lanolin on "Mom-Approved Must-Haves" on NBC's TODAY show

Giveaway alert! As seen on NBC's TODAY show, Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor for American Baby, included our HPA Lanolin on the "Mom-Approved Must-Haves" list. Did you know our HPA Lanolin started with a breastfeeding mom creating this #1 selling nipple cream in her kitchen over 25 years ago?

HPA Lanolin is the #1 brand recommended by lactation consultants. Many birthing centers and hospitals carry our HPA Lanolin, especially Baby-Friendly hospitals. As the only topical nipple cream in the U.S. to be endorsed by the La Leche League International, our HPA Lanolin provides a moisturizing environment to soothe and protect dry, cracked nipples. It does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding as it is the world's purest lanolin due to the proprietary refining process exclusive only to Lansinoh.

In honor of our heritage product making this "Mom-Approved Must-Haves" list, we're celebrating by giving away 50 full-size tubes of our HPA Lanolin, along with a set of coupons, to 50 lucky moms. Enter your information below to win! Winners will be announced on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Good luck! Comment and share: How did you get to know Lansinoh? What product was on your mommy must-have list?

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UPDATE: Congratulations to our 50 winners, who will each win a full-size tube of our HPA Lanolin! We have your shipping information, so look forward to your prize in the mail in the next four to six weeks. 
  1. Crystal Ley
  2. Kelly Vela
  3. Nichole Adams
  4. Jesse Anderson
  5. Amy Kauzlick
  6. Gretchen Davis
  7. Amy Bishop
  8. Elisabeth Lansman
  9. Melissa Marcum
  10. Alicia Schroeder
  11. Jennifer Andreani
  12. Edward Murphy
  13. Alisha Call
  14. Krystal Hardy
  15. Summer Ison
  16. Dana Lauducci
  17. Michelle Ally
  18. Jo Abad
  19. Katie Mack
  20. Reva Scherer
  21. Fareeza Ally
  22. Monica Ortiz
  23. Tiehearra Banks
  24. Keren Sam
  25. Kymberlie Hughes
  26. Kathryn Deni
  27. Alyssa Hoffmann
  28. Desiree Jungfleisch
  29. Ashley Singleton
  30. Nicola Barnett
  31. Ashley O'Reilly 
  32. Claudia Beal
  33. Twila Murasaki
  34. Jackie Ryshen
  35. Joanne Colbrunn
  36. Nicolle Koenig
  37. Daniele Roush
  38. Danielle Philpp
  39. Kathy Chen
  40. Melissa Phillips
  41. Yyonne Zuniga
  42. Liz Ticona
  43. Amanda Haase
  44. Chelsey Ohly
  45. Ana Oliva
  46. Shawn Hanlon
  47. Monica Murillo
  48. Tina Williams
  49. Jerry Chen
  50. Pamela Norinth
Again, congratulations!


Jo said...

I've come to know about Lansinoh after giving birth to my child. They gave me the very same thing you're giving away because I was breastfeeding. I still am and I'll do the same for the rest of my kids. :)

Staci A said...

We received samples of Lansinoh from the hospital and loved it! I can't really think of any must-haves. We just went with the flow this time around!

Alisha said...

Yeah!!! Thank you so much!

Jolly said...

thanks, Lansinoh. i love this blog also because we have higher chances of winning on giveaways [more # of winners]. :) thank you!

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