Friday, October 26, 2012

October: Saluting Work and Family and Partying with Big City Moms

We love October! It’s such a busy month filled with celebrations around women, health and family—some of our favorite subjects.

In addition to Breast Cancer Awareness month, which we talked about earlier this month OnCloudMom, October is also a time for a salute to National Work and Family Month, which was created by Congress in 2003 to celebrate the progress toward creating a healthier and more flexible work environment.  This is such a great cause to get behind, especially for moms and families trying to figure out the best way to handle going back to work after having a baby.

In honor of National Work and Family Month, we’ve put together a collection of tips and articles that can help you plan your transition into “working mom” mode so that it’s as successful as possible:
Also, be sure to check out all the new federal laws as well as your state’s laws about the rights of mothers in the workplace. The National Conference of State Legislatures put together a fantastic federal and state-by-state breakdown of breastfeeding laws. These include some really helpful things such as tax reimbursement for your breast pump, as well as requirements for employers to provide a private area so you can pump effectively.

The Huffington Post featured a great piece by Associate Clinical Professor of Law Marcy Karin entitled “Reasonable Break Time Provided Amidst the Breastfeeding Media Craze” that examines in depth the current laws about breastfeeding at work and the “craze” of media coverage breastfeeding in public is attracting. Karin notes that new breastfeeding laws have particular relevance during National Work and Family Month. She is so right. It’s important for moms and employers to learn the new rules. So to all breastfeeding moms, check out some of this information that can help you with your journey.

This month, we’re also excited to be heading to New York City to participate in the ever fun and fabulous Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower on Oct. 30. I will be speaking on a panel to share tips with moms about Breastfeeding 101, as well as being available at the Lansinoh booth for personal advice on breastfeeding. My advice for breastfeeding moms will be featured in next week’s blog, so be sure to check back. BCM guests will get a special preview of our new Lansinoh Affinity Pro pump, which will be in stores nationwide in February. We’ll also be giving those moms a chance to pre-order an Affinity Pro for a limited quantity batch we’ll have available to ship in November.  (Check out the Affinity Pro video segment from Natalie Diaz at Twiniversity, who visited us at the ABC Kids Show last week!)

We can’t wait to be part of the event and meet some fantastic expectant and new moms. If you happen to be attending, look for the awesome Lansinoh items in your swag bags. Also, be sure to look out for J&R Jr.’s pop-up store and pick up some specially-priced Lansinoh and mOmma products! 


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