Friday, October 12, 2012

Special Sneak Preview: Lansinoh to Unveil New Pump that Helps Boost Breastfeeding Success

I’ve got some exciting news to share! We are unveiling our latest innovation this weekend at the ABC Kids Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and I wanted to give you, our OnCloudMom VIPs, a special sneak preview.
The Lansinoh® Affinity Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pump, is the first-of-its-kind, featuring three customizable pumping styles that can help moms maximize milk flow and comfort to enhance breastfeeding success.

Available in retail stores (including Target) across the country by early 2013, the new Lansinoh Affinity Pro pump has already been recognized as a leading industry innovation by being selected as a finalist in the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association 2012 Innovation Awards.

What’s especially awesome is that when used during the first 14 days of breastfeeding, a time when your body needs to establish a strong milk supply, this pump can bolster the overall quantity of milk you’re producing and increase the success and duration of your breastfeeding.

At-the-breast feeding is ideal, but there are times when moms and babies have to be apart. Rather than compromising your supply, using this pump can help to encourage your body to make as much milk as baby will need.  In addition, because you can set the pumping rhythm that’s best for you, the comfort factor is much higher for moms using the new Affinity Pro.

Also, it’s a closed system, which means that milk and condensation won’t get sucked into the tubing  or motor. This is very important, not only because of the lost milk that cannot be fed to your baby, but because when milk and condensation get stuck in the tubing, there is a big potential for bacteria or mold to form in the tubing or motor, which could pose a health risk if it were to  get into the expressed milk that goes to your baby. 

Check out the photo of the new pump and let us know what you think!

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Stephanie said...

Would LOVE to try out this new technology! As a working mom and chasing my 3 year old, I think it would be awesome to boost my supply in the first few weeks!

*Ivette* said...

That's unfortunate for us pregnant moms due before the release date. :(

Jennifer C said...

Sign me up, I wish I had one of these right now!!!

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