Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Go Time: Packing Checklist for Holiday Breastfeeding Travelers

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Nearly a hundred million people travel during the holiday season. If you’re planning to be one of those people and you’re a breastfeeding mom, here’s a check list of items you will want to make sure you pack before you head off on your holiday adventure.

  1. Water bottle – Don’t forget to stay hydrated in all the running around.
  2. Snacks – Keep your energy and milk production up!
  3. Pump parts and extra batteries – If you’re carrying your electric pump, make sure to get and pack some extra parts (just in case!) and extra batteries so you’re not tethered to an elusive outlet.
  4. Manual pump – A quick, easy, and smaller option for moms on the go!
  5. Blanket or cover – A nursing blanket can help you keep warm on a chilly plane while giving you and your baby some privacy.
  6. Disposable nursing pads – Don’t suffer uncomfortable leakage in the car, plane or train! Keep some extras in your purse, diaper bag, suitcase, glove compartment, or anywhere else you can access easily!
  7. Bottles – In case you and your baby will be apart, be sure to bring your pump and feeding bottles so a caregiver can give your baby your expressed breastmilk .
  8. Pillow – Pack a pillow, and it can double as an arm support when nursing.
  9. Cooler for milk storage bags – Even if you are traveling with your baby, if you know there will be events or times when you and baby will be apart, bring a cooler so you can keep your expressed breastmilk safe and secure.
For more great tips for family travelers, check out this great article in USA Today by Candyce H. Stapen.

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Traveling with your little one may not always be easy, but being prepared with essential and just in case items can help alleviate some worry. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Happy travels,

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Jo said...

Do I post my tip here? Anyway. as a breastfeeding mom myself, I am sure moms don't want to carry heavy bags during a long walk, evan with stroller. So don't carry big pack of wipes, there are plastic wipes container which are lighter to carry. Also, if you are travelling and want to clean yourpumps asap after use, bring a thermos of ot water so you can pour it anytime. Just be careful though. It avoids build-up... :)

Anonymous said...

Also as a nursing mother, I loved having a nursing necklace it gives babies something to play with and look at while nursing esp since mine always get so distracted in public.

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