Saturday, January 5, 2013

Healthy Toddler Eating After the Holidays

The holiday season was full of gingerbread houses, pies, cookie decorating, fudge, and tons of other treats. While we can all partake in the occasional indulgence, appropriate sugar intake is something to keep in mind, especially for impressionable toddlers. Now that the holidays are winding down, we wanted to share some great options for healthy snacking specifically for our little, hungry, and curious toddlers. It’s also important to remember that as curious as your child may be, it is recommended by major medical organizations and health professionals to hold off introducing solids until at least 6 months so his tummy has time to mature and you lessen the risk of allergies.

Snack PouchesElla’s Kitchen makes great blended snacks for toddlers on the go or at home. With delicious flavors like “sweet potatoes pumpkin apples + blueberries” and “big smiles cheesy potatoes with veggies,” you might be tempted to snag one for yourself! Most importantly, Ella’s Kitchen has organic ingredients, adds no sugars or salts, and no ingredient is included without a nutritional or health value.

Water, Milk, or Expressed Breastmilk.  If you choose to offer your toddler any juice at all, make it 100% juice.  Toddlers don’t need juice and don’t know what they are missing if you don’t introduce it at all or in its full form early on. Sticking with water or even adding just a splash of 100% juice is great for keeping busy toddlers hydrated but without filling them up on empty calories.  There is no nutritional reason to introduce juice especially for those toddlers who are still breastfeeding as your expressed breastmilk still provides an amazing blend of nutrients, vitamins and illness fighting antibodies.

If you do introduce juice, be aware that juices can contain a lot of sugar so 100% juice with no added sugar is a great option.  Many moms dilute it to be half juice, half water because even though it is 100% juice, natural sugars can add up, too! Whatever liquid your toddler is drinking, use a valve-free, spill-proof cup or straw cup like those from the mOmma® by Lansinoh® range to  avoid messes, especially when your toddler is on the go!

Oatmeal – Plain oatmeal is full of nutrients and is filling too! Flavor it with toddler-sized cut up fruit like bananas or berries or add a pinch of cinnamon to make it a hit. Your toddler probably wants to do it themselves and one way to make it even more fun is by using a spoon that kids and moms love: the Parent Tested Parent Approved™  easy to grip mOmma® soft  spoon !

If you’re feeling particularly crafty this year, Box Tops for Education features some adorable and yummy-looking snack recipes, too!

Check out articles by nutritionist Sue Gilbert on iVillage or the “Feeding Your Toddler” section on if you want to read up on more toddler feeding ideas.

Whatever your snacks are, remember to be a good example to your little ones! They learn from so much so quickly.

Happy New Year!

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Jo said...

i agree that we should be the role models for them to eat healthy. i haven't tried oatmeal with mine, hopefully soon since she's already 20 months old. :)

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