Monday, March 17, 2014

The Affordable Care Act and Breastfeeding

The Affordable Care Act (you may know it as Obamacare) generates a lot of buzz for a lot of reasons, but here at Lansinoh, we can’t stop talking about the benefits it offers breastfeeding moms.
Signed into law in 2010, the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance plans to cover the cost of breastfeeding support and equipment! (The legislation applies to health insurance obtained through the Health Insurance Marketplace and all other private health insurance plans, except for grandfathered plans. It also does not apply to all Medicaid or WIC plans.)

So can you get a breast pump through your health insurance? Probably! And not only are breast pumps being covered, but lactation consultations are most likely covered too.

Because the law doesn’t provide a lot of guidance on what is considered “breastfeeding support and equipment,” insurance companies are all interpreting this differently. To find out what your unique health insurance plan cover, contact your health insurance company before your baby is born.

We know that expecting moms have enough to think about without the added burden of navigating health insurance policies, so we’ve done the preliminary thinking for you. We have a list of questions on our website that you should use when calling your insurance company to discuss your breastfeeding benefits. They cover everything from whether your pump can be purchased or rented; to finding out if you need a prescription to get a pump or a lactation consult; to asking where you need to get your pump from so that it’s covered.

While there is still room for the government to expand its protection of breastfeeding moms and their babies, we definitely see this as a step in the right direction.

Here are some other websites that offer additional information about these breastfeeding benefits:


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