Monday, May 5, 2014

Breastfeeding in Public: Do What's Right For You & Your Baby

For a breastfeeding mom to be successful, she will need to nurse her baby frequently and sometimes at a moment’s notice. Babies get hungry and need to nurse often which means breastfeeding in public at some point will likely occur.

Here are some tips:
  • Nursing-friendly clothing - easy access is key, and many nursing bras and tops allow modest access to your breasts
  • Nursing carriers – some carriers today are designed so you can breastfeed easily, while offering a considerable level of privacy
  • Practice at home – have some practice sessions to get comfortable with the process of feeding baby outside of the house, using whatever systems or covers you may be considering to get the level of privacy you prefer
  • Prepare the host – if you’re visiting family or entering a public venue, communicate about what your plans are during your visit, ask about the best options for a place to nurse where it will be mutually agreeable and the best situation for you
  • Oops moments - Want to cover up but forgot your cover? Burp cloths or blankets work great as well. Worried about leaking? Carry extra nursing pads in your diaper bag to wear on the side your baby is not nursing on.
  • Relax! - Babies can sense tension, so keep calm and carry on
Remember, it’s no one else’s decision – or business – how and where you feed your baby. You should do whatever makes you and your baby comfortable. Whether that’s covering up or letting baby nurse in the open. Breastfeeding is about nourishment, bonding and providing the best start possible for your baby. Be proud, stay cool, and breastfeed with confidence.


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